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CONFESSION: I Can't Bloody Stand Bunnings Sausage Sizzles

But will the Poms feel differently?

CONFESSION: I Can't Bloody Stand Bunnings Sausage Sizzles

Okay… this news of Bunnings moving into the UK market got everyone talking about how our friends over there will receive our national hardware chain.

More importantly, what will they think of the sausage sizzles at the front door?

Clairsy, Matt and Kymba took time out today to reflect.


Now, I feel it’s time to admit something to the world that will no doubt be met with much vitriol and mocking. But here goes.


I can’t stand them.

It’s not the sausage sizzle’s fault though. It’s bigger than that.

You see, I was once violently ill with the “G” word once (hint: rhymes with Fidel Castro), after consuming multiple sausage sizzles as one does at a bucks party. This was about 15 years ago.

Ever since, even the thought of a sausage sizzle makes me queasy. Let alone the smell. The distinctive, overpowering, all-embracing smell of the sausage sizzle that hits you as you walk into any Bunnings, any weekend, all over Australia.

Are you feeling my pain right now?

I get around it by visiting Bunnings at off-peak times… you know, 6.50pm on any weeknight other than Thursday. But that takes some forward planning.

Oh well, let’s see how the English take to Bunnings. The sausage sizzle might become the next big thing there?

Maybe not ;)

Written by: @dantheinternut