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Can Holiday Traffic In And Out Of Perth Be Fixed?

How bad was your #Perth commute?

Can Holiday Traffic In And Out Of Perth Be Fixed?

Well, as anyone who travelled out of the city this weekend will tell you, traffic was less than perfect.

In fact, it was pretty bloody far from perfect.

That usual spot going south on Friday - right around Cockburn Central - was again a stop start traffic jam… like it is pretty much every weekend.

Even down south - our Lisa Shaw posted this photo with some sage advice for people travelling back to #Perth.

Big FYI for my Facebook friends returning from douth, where I have just arrived. Exhibit A is the road between Bussy and Bunbury.. You're going to need to take some deep calming breaths, a good music choice will help, might I suggest some show tunes, or something 'swing'. Judy Garland's ideal, Frank Sinatra is ideal, and if you're really stressing, 'Goodmorning' from Singin in the Rain, always works for me..

- Lisa Shaw

Music choices aside, we all got a harsh reminder of how dangerous our roads can be during peak traffic times. Seven people were hospitalised after this horrific crash on Indian Ocean Drive.


Perhaps, we’re getting to the stage in #Perth that if you want a stress free holiday and you’re driving somewhere, you need to take a day off either side of the break?

Written by: @dantheinternut