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Calls To Ban Portable Pools Due To Drowning Risk

Safety campaign

Calls To Ban Portable Pools Due To Drowning Risk Pexels

As we head into the warmer months, there are calls for portable pools to be banned due to safety risks.

Western Australian Commerce Minister Bill Johnston has launched a campaign regarding the pools, urging major retailers to do more to encourage safety.

This includes information at the checkout regarding pool safety and the legal obligations of pool set-up.

"Nobody is going to buy a $500 pool if they also need to build a $2000 fence," Mr Johnston told The Sunday Times.

"My view is that retailers have been taking advantage of people in this circumstance.

"I’ve written to every retailer we can work out sells portable pools and encouraged them to no longer do it."

While there are strict rules about fencing for both in-ground and above-ground pools, the same cannot be said for portable pools.