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Buckley Supposedly Steps In To Rubbish Petition

Sets the record straight

Buckley Supposedly Steps In To Rubbish Petition AAP Photos

UPDATE: Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has supposedly taken to and request that the petition be taken down.

A comment from someone purporting to be Nathan Buckley has appeared below the petition requesting that it be taken down as "it serves no purpose".


"As the Collingwood coach here I am requesting this petition be removed on the basis that it serves no purpose. 

"As the coach I would like to acknowledge that the AFL hosted a great game and that the umpires decision held the game to the highest calibre of competition. Every loss is disappointing and I believe Rod Craven is behaving in a way which is unhelpful to the Collingwood FC.

"The West Coast side and coaching staff deserve all the respect for the win of the 2018 AFL Grand Final and you should remove your emotion and recognise the VFL was changed to the AFL for good reason.

"This is a national game, it was played and adjudicated in good spirit and this petition doesn't have my backing."

It's unclear as to the reality of it actually being the Nathan Buckley, but probably, like most Collingwood players and supporters, they're likely to just want to move on from the weekend's result.

This all on the back of the story reported yesterday, where a Collingwood fan has started a petition to reverse the Grand Final result.