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Blake's The New Fave To Get The Boot Off Bachie

Odds are in...

Blake's The New Fave To Get The Boot Off Bachie Channel 10

It turns out that online betting agency Sportsbet is running a book on Bachie In Paradise, and Blake's blunder in forgetting Laurina's name in the rose ceremony has seen him shoot to the top of the list as most likely to get the chop from the show.

At the time of writing, here are the odds:

  • Next Bachelor to go from Bachelor in Paradise

    $2.10 Blake
    $2.50 Jake
    $4.50 Sam
    $6.00 Jarrod
    $10 Michael
    $12 Eden
    $14 Mack
    $18 Luke

As it turns out, you can gamble on a few things within the show. Like, what present Jarrod is most likely to give Ali.

  • What present will Jarrod give to Ali?

    $2.50 Love Plant
    $4.00 Puppy
    $5.50 Jewellery
    $7.50 Any other animal
    $12.50 Lock of his own hair
    $31 Lock of Ali’s hair

Turns out the odds are in favour of Ali returning in kind with a rose of her own.

Who will Ali give her rose to next?

$2.50 Jarrod
$3.50 Jake
$4.50 Sam
$5.50 Eden
$7.50 Mack
$10 Michael
$12 Luke
$14 Blake

Either way, it's a novel way to liven up the show, but as always, gamble responsibly.


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Written by: @dantheinternut