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Beer Yoga... It's A Thing Now In Perth

Two of life's great pleasures!!!

Beer Yoga... It's A Thing Now In Perth

Well, it's good news people of Perth if you're a lover of Yoga and/or a nice, cold beer.

That's right... Asana X Ale is coming and it brings together the magic of a soft yoga session, followed by a nice cold frothy.

It's all thanks to Little Creatures, and it's happening across Australia. The first one happens right here in little old Perth,  on 10th June from 10:30am to 12pm at Creatures Next Door.

It might upset the yoga purists who might think that yoga and drinking beer shouldn't miss, but as the press release reads for this big event...

There's no reason these two can't be paired together, and it's a bold statement to take this stance. If it's positive, and can make people happy, then why not? This message can be applied to so many things in life, and is something to sit with, and be inspired by.

- Asana X Ale

Can we get an amen to that?

All the details on how you can get involved can be find via the Asana X Ale Facebook page and/or Facebook event.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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