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Another Jumbo Meth Haul By WA Police

51 kilos of ice off our streets

Another Jumbo Meth Haul By WA Police Image Source: Dylan Websdane @dylanwebsdane

Police have stopped an estimated $50 million of methamphetamine hitting our streets, after separate raids this week.

Officers from WA's Meth Border Force seized 20 kilograms of meth after spotting something unusual in the suitcase of a 32-year-old Sydney man on Monday.

The drugs were detected using the new Meth X-Ray Truck.

On the same day, 31 kilograms of meth was seized at Dampier Port in the Pilbara during a joint operation with Federal police.

Two men and a woman, all Bulgarian nationals, have been charged with drug importation offences.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts has praised the officers involved.

"Our police are doing an excellent job to remove this highly addictive drug from our streets and communities.

"Since July last year, 1,345kg of meth has been seized by the WA Police Force and their law enforcement partners," said Ms Roberts.