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5 Reasons Why #Perth Public Transport Is Actually Pretty Good

Not all bad.

5 Reasons Why #Perth Public Transport Is Actually Pretty Good

So, according to the news, WA commuters are turning away from public transport in their droves. In fact – public transport usage is at an all-time low.

Now, as a Transperth regular I’m well aware that our public transport system contains the odd “eccentric” (avoid eye contact at all costs, am I right passengers?) and even a few folk on a self-imposed deodorant-ban (think “Dry July” but substitute poor personal hygiene for the booze), but trust me…Compared to driving to work, it’s “streets ahead” (see what I did?).

 I take the Midland line everyday (and aside from the few times the train’s been late) Here are 5 reasons why it ain’t that bad: 

  • It’s quicker than your car! If you’ve ever sat in traffic on either of our Perth “carparks” (read: freeways) then this is a given. Even if you park at the station, I promise it’s still quicker.
  • No road rage! As a former regular driver I noticed an increasing level of road rage on our roads. Perth drivers have ZERO patience and absolutely WILL NOT let you in…”Cos like…That’s my piece of road man, and nobody’s taking it”). Oh, and let’s not start on the merging, OK?
  • Free “me time”! BLISS after a hectic day. Just me and my book…For at least 30 minutes! Unless my wife (who also catches the train) gate-crashes my train.
  • No Parking fines! If you work in the city (and don’t have parking at work) you generally run the gauntlet of “Ranger Danger” or risk Wilson parking fines (remember Newman “The White Whale” on Seinfeld? Yeah, that was me).
  • It keeps you fit! For most people it means walking to & from work to the train. Now, I don’t have a “flexibit” or whatever the hell they’re called but that’s about five thousand-odd steps you wouldn’t have taken if you were driving (not to mention the cheeky Macca’s drive-thru’s…Yeah I was a bandit for a Mcmuffin)!

 So there you go. If you haven’t “trained” or “bussed” it for a while. Give it another go! It might change your life! Or at least your commute.

Written by: Ross Edwards