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3 Reasons Why The Singapore Airline Flyover Was LAME!

No offence...

3 Reasons Why The Singapore Airline Flyover Was LAME!

So… as we reported, Singapore Airlines decided to celebrate 50 years of flying to Perth by hosting a special flyover Perth City and Kings Park.

It happened today… at 2.05pm (well, that what’s was advertised)

We fell for it and went down to South Perth, and now we’re back, may we present 3 reasons why the Singapore Airlines Perth Flyover was completely lame.

1. It was late

It was advertised as happening around 2.05pm. It was more like 2.30pm.

2. It was quiet

This isn’t anyone’s fault per se, but you couldn’t hear much. We expected at least a little roar.

3. It missed Kings Park

From what we understand, it was meant to fly over Kings Park. Well, unless there’s another Kings Park near Curtin Uni, then we’re quite confident it missed the mark.

Here's the flyover. In all its lame glory.

From our estimation, around 500 people milled around South Perth to watch the flyover. God knows how many more around #Perth.


As that last post suggests, Perth clearly has a love affair with planes. Although this was no Antonov. Now they were some good times #Perth plane nerds!!!

Written by: @dantheinternut