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AMBOS: Stop Leaving Kids In Hot Cars

It's got paramedics worried.

AMBOS: Stop Leaving Kids In Hot Cars

Paramedics are concerned about the rising number of kids being left inside cars across the state.

The NSW Ambulance Service have recorded 81 cases of children trapped in vehicles since the start of September, which is a big worry as we head into the summer months.

Two cases were recorded in the Hunter, including a two-month-old baby found locked in a car at Cooks Hill and another six-month-old at found in a vehicle in Adamstown.

Chief Inspector Brian Parsell said temperatures inside vehicles can soar to well over 50 degrees.

"Babies and small children are unable to regulate their body temperature as efficiently as adults. They absorb more heat from the environment than they can dissipate."

"This situation can quickly cause damage to body cells leading to unconsciousness, shock, organ failure and death. Even in milder temperatures, children and babies can get sick very quickly.”