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Your Kids Could Be Forced To Stand In Class

Aussie Olympian behind idea

Your Kids Could Be Forced To Stand In Class

Getting schoolkids to stand in class is the latest suggestion to help youngsters from a life of health problems.

Olympian Jane Flemming is behind the push to get children up and moving more for half their school-time, while she also wants to see school drop-off-zones shifted further away so children have to walk more.

She say the number of children battling the bulge is at crisis point, with one in four - aged two to 17 - now overweight or obese.

The ex-heptathlete and long jumper says kids have the biggest decline in physical activity, the day someone starts school.

Deakin University conducted trials of height-adjustable desks with students at two high schools, finding it cut their sitting time in class by 40 per cent.

They also burned 38 kilocalories more per lesson, which could prevent 5kg in weight gain over a year.

Flemming's pushing her standing desks idea at the Australian Medical Association’s national conference on Sunday, in Melbourne.

Prof David Dunstan from The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute says he supports Flemming's idea but is challenging to get it across the line with law makers.

“I support where Jane is going but it is going to be very difficult to legislate this. Giving (kids) the classroom environment where they have a choice is likely to lead to more sustainable change,” Prof Dunstan told the Herald Sun.

Mont Albert Primary is one Victorian School using a mix of standing and sitting desks in its senior classrooms.