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You Can Buy Kevin Rudd's Old Ride For A Tidy $1 Million


You Can Buy Kevin Rudd's Old Ride For A Tidy $1 Million

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's car is up for sale, with the 2007 Toyota Prius on the market for the small fee of $1 million.

The car, which was once owned by Kevin07, surfaced on a 'Carsales' online advertisement after a private seller discovered Rudd's name on the car's log book and e-Toll paperwork.

The seller claims that the price tag is worth it for the chance to 'own a piece of Australian history'.


KEVIN 07 !!!

An opportunity to own a piece of Australian history. Ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's car when he first came into office back in 2007. I was surprised to find his E-toll history in the Logbook(please see 2nd photo) and doing some research he was definitely a Hybrid supporter. It is the top of the range I-tech with:

- GPS (reversing camera)
- leather seats
- cruise control

There is some money to be spent on the car but again it's a collectors item.

1. Hybrid system/battery needs replacement. (Car still runs as should but the fuel economy is similar to a 1.5L Toyota Corolla now)
2. Couple of small dents and scratches. Nothing major.

I hope a genuine collector will be interested as a new Hybrid battery is causing a few hassles. I would keep driving it but it wouldn't pass the next pink slip with the engine check light on.

The car is new at $40,000. I'm not sure what this might be worth. But collectors please make an educated offer !