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Woman Killed By Pet Pitbull Was Trying To Protect Friend

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Woman Killed By Pet Pitbull Was Trying To Protect Friend 7 News

Reports have emerged that the Canberra mother who was mauled to death by her pet pitbull was trying to save a male friend from attack when the incident happened.

It is understood that the dog had latched on to her partner's leg at approximately 4am at her home in Watson.

Tania Klemke had previously stated that her dog, Simba, was her best friend.

Police were called to the scene when neighbours heard a man screaming, and officers entered the house and were also attacked by the dog.

Several shots were fired to put the dog down after it continued to attack.

“Police were directed by a male in the backyard into the premises towards a female lying inside, a dog was also inside," Detective Acting Superintendent Tony Crocker said.

"While CPR was being performed on the female victim, the dog moved to attack the police officers, and in order to protect themselves there was a necessity to discharge the fire round.”

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that the dog 'took a bullet' for Ms Klemke during a violent home invasion earlier this year.

According to the report, a friend of Ms Klemke said that the dog had been shot in the ear while 'defending' Ms Klemke as a group of people invaded her house and assaulted her in March of this year.

The dog was known to be violent, with it reported that one visitor to the house had sustained a bite so serious that it required 42 stitches.