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Woman 'Disgusted' After Finding Dead Lizard In Beer Bottle

Brewery investigating

Woman 'Disgusted' After Finding Dead Lizard In Beer Bottle

Pic: Facebook / Donna Metcalfe 

A woman has had the shock of her life, after discovering a dead lizard in a beer she was drinking. 

New Zealander Donna Metcalfe was sipping the Pure Blonde in front of the telly on Saturday when she made the discovery.. she reckons she's lost 2 kilos of body weight since. 

"I was drinking it and not paying it any attention, and something touched my mouth. It looked like a little baby lizard, and I instantly felt really sick and thought 'oh, you've got to be joking me'", she told New Zealand media

"Australia does have a lot of poisonous animals, so I rang the National Poison Centre immediately," she said.

The centre advised Metcalfe she could experience food poisoning, and to get back in touch if she experienced any severe symptoms.

"You go to have an innocent beer, and then something like this happens," she said.

"I'm really disgusted that their quality control didn't pick it up, and that I drank a beer with a decomposing lizard in it. And I'm really worried about my health."

Metcalfe also got in touch with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), who bottled the beer. Corporate affairs advisor Sabine Wolff said the company took Metcalfe's complaint very seriously.

"We have reached out to the consumer to understand the facts and check to see if she has any health issues," Wolff said

"CUB is undertaking a thorough internal investigation of the issue to determine the facts."