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'Severity Of Casualties’ Unclear In London Apartment Tower Blaze


'Severity Of Casualties’ Unclear In London Apartment Tower Blaze

Image: Twitter/Seb Costello

Eyewitnesses to the horrific West London apartment fire cannot yet predict the number of casualties as firefighters continue their efforts extinguish the blaze.

Nine News UK correspondent Seb Costello told Triple M that fire crews had worked throughout the night to contain the fire, which broke out in the multi-storey Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill this morning around 1.15am.

“There will be casualties, the severity of which we just don’t know at this stage,” he said.

“As you approach this building, it’s a big tall tower, over 20 stories high, and the block as you approach it are completely clogged with ambulance, police cars and emergency services on the scene.”

“The sun’s coming up and you can see flames particularly on the upper levels of the building,” he said.

“Firefighters have now been working on it for four to five hours, they’ve got part of the building under control but that’s not to say the smoke is going to go away anytime soon.

“This smoke is pouring out of it and can be just from just about all parts of London.”

According to the Mail Online, the fire spread from the second floor to the roof of block in just 15 minutes, trapping residents inside as 200 firefighters struggled to bring it under control.