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William Tyrrell Campaign Unhappy With Corby Support

Schapelle had missing boy on handbag

William Tyrrell Campaign Unhappy With Corby Support

Pic: Channel 7

There's been a crazy amount of media coverage over Schapelle Corby's return home, but one of the more intriguing things has been her handbag.

The purse featured a picture of missing New South Wales toddler, William Tyrrell.

It certainly brought attention to the campaign to find him, but his supporters aren't happy about it.

"While the Where’s William Campaign appreciates that Schapelle Corby has shown concern regarding little William’s disappearance and in using her release as a convicted offender from Bali as a media opportunity to increase awareness that William is still missing, we are not happy," the Where's William Tyrrell Facebook page said.

"William’s family and their campaign to support the NSW Police in their investigation in the search for William have absolutely no association with Schapelle Corby, her supporters or her family and had no prior knowledge of Miss Corby’s intention to use William’s image in this way.

"While the Where’s William Campaign aims to increase awareness where possible, this situation regarding Miss Corby has no association whatsoever to William, his loved ones or their campaign to find their little boy."

Some have suggested Corby used the bag as a ploy to distract from her return.

The post from the page certainly attracted some attention, with than 2, 700 likes on Sunday afternoon, and more than 2, 000 shares.