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Which State Is The Big Spender This Year At Christmas?

Hey big spender!

Which State Is The Big Spender This Year At Christmas? Pixabay

A global survey that reviews consumer spending behaviours during this festive season has revealed which state spends the most, per person, on average, in the lead-up to Christmas.

Without further ado, here are the results from the Ferratum Group’s Christmas Barometer™

  1. ACT – average spend of $1,563
  2. Western Australia – average spend of $1,509
  3. Northern Territory – average spend of $1,408
  4. New South Wales – average spend of $1,360
  5. Victoria – average spend of $1,332
  6. Queensland – average spend of $1,317
  7. South Australia – average spend of $1,276
  8. Tasmania – average spend of $1,192


As it turns out, Australia fares pretty well on the global list of spending.

  1. Mexico
  2. Romania
  3. Spain
  4. Brazil
  5. Bulgaria
  6. New Zealand
  7. Australia
  8. UK
  9. Poland
  10. Czech Republic


An interesting stat from the Ferratum Group’s report is around how Aussies will be, and have been shopping this Christmas period.

Ferratum Country Manager – Australia, James Logan, said the following:

"Surprisingly, unlike European consumers, who will be turning to online shopping as their preferred method of shopping, this Christmas, 75 percent of Aussies are expected to get the tills ringing the traditional way by visiting brick and mortar shops."

So, if you're celebrating Chrissy in the ACT, you could be in for a bonanza ;)


Written by: @dantheinternut