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Warnings More Than 40,000 Cars Could Burst Into Flames


Warnings More Than 40,000 Cars Could Burst Into Flames

Car manufacturer Ford is recalling nearly 43,000 of its Focus model cars, warning they have a fault which could lead to a fire.

Ford Focus models made between April 12, 2011 and September 29, 2015 have a fault in their carbon canisters which means they can be blocked by dust.

"If this condition is not corrected, the fuel tank may crack, resulting in a fuel leak," the product recall states.

"A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can lead to a fire."

It's understood the fault affects 42,988 vehicles, with Ford insisting those made either before or after the affected period are not at risk.

"It is important to note that Ford has not received any reports of fires associated with this recall," the company said in a statement on Thursday.

"We do not believe that this potential safety risk requires customers to stop driving their vehicles."

Ford will write to individual owners, but anyone worried about their vehicle is urged to contact their local Ford dealer to arrange an inspection.