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Warnings For Aussies Taking Back Pain Meds

Drugs don't work, harmful: study

Warnings For Aussies Taking Back Pain Meds

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Aussie medical experts have warned we could be doing more harm than good, by treating back pain with over-the-counter drugs.

A new study from Sydney researchers has revealed non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drugs provide little benefit, but do cause side effects.

A trial involving more than 6000 patients found just 1 in 6 reported a significant reduction in pain and were 2.5 times more likely to suffer gastrointestinal problems.

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"These drugs are just band-aids," Associate Professor Manuela Ferreria told AAP

"There is no quick fix for backpain."

While a practicing physiotherapist reckons it's all about empowering the mind.

"Literally, how you deal with that pain makes or breaks whether you've got that pain for life or not," Francine St George told AAP.