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Warning About Online "Quickie Divorces"

No surprises: they're not legal!

Warning About Online "Quickie Divorces"

Plenty of us didn't even know they were possible, but Victoria's Family Court has warned against going online to secure a "quickie" divorce.

It comes after a Melbourne man got the shock of his life when he realised the divorce he had secured using a site called Divorce Fast., which is based in Mexico, wasn't legally binding in Australia. As a result his second marriage was rendered invalid, making him an inadvertent bigamist.

According to The Australian, the site boasted that the dissolution of his first marriage in 2011, is "legally binding around the world" and is one of many online platforms which offer a quick, stress-free option for a hefty fee.

Since the man known only as Mr Betts had never lived in Mexico, he was unable to secure a divorce through the country.

He's currently in the process of divorcing his first wife so he can legally marry his new partner.