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Uh Oh - Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce Latest Pollie Caught Up In Dual Citizenship Drama

Does he have Kiwi roots?

Uh Oh - Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce Latest Pollie Caught Up In Dual Citizenship Drama Pic: Facebook/Barnaby Joyce

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce - the pollie who tried to take down Johnny Depp and his dogs - has told federal parliament he may be a citizen of New Zealand.

The New Zealand High Commission apparently contacted him last week to advise he may by a citizen by descent. 


Joyce said the news came as a total shock, adding that he was born in Australia and had always been an Australian.

"I've always been an Australian citizen, born in Tamworth, just as my mother and great grandmother 100 years earlier. Neither I, nor my parents have ever had any reason to believe I may be a citizen of any other country," he told parliament.

"I was born in Australia in 1967, I am fifth generation [on my mother's side]. My father, who was born in New Zealand, came to Australia in 1947 as a British subject. The concept of New Zealand-Australian citizenship was not created until 1948."

"Neither my parents nor I have ever applied to register me as a New Zealand citizen, and the New Zealand government has no register recognising me as a New Zealand citizen."

Joyce has since requested the government refer the matter to the High Court, but will continue to serve under the Turnbull Government as Deputy PM. 

"Given the strength of the legal advice that the government has received, the Prime Minister has asked that I remain Deputy Prime Minister and continue my ministerial duties," he said.