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Over A Quarter Of Aussies Have Their Netflix Sessions Interrupted By Drop Outs

Interrupting the TV binge

Over A Quarter Of Aussies Have Their Netflix Sessions Interrupted By Drop Outs Image: Pexels

Streaming service dropouts on platforms such as Netflix and Stan are more common than we think, according to a new survey.

The survey of 2,005 people found just over two thirds (69 per cent) of respondents, equivalent to 13.2 million Aussies, use streaming services, and 26 per cent of them report regular dropouts.

“Many Aussies are partial to a good Netflix binge over the Christmas break, if not to get their fix of the Christmas favourites like Elf and The Muppets Christmas Carol, at least to get some reprieve from the summer sun,” tech expert Alex Kidman said.

“But with so many households sitting down for a good streaming session on Boxing Day, dropouts can become an issue.”

Streaming services Aussies use the most:   
  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. ABC iView
  4. SBS on demand
  5. Ten Play
  6. Plus7
  7. Foxtel Now
  8. Nine Now
  9. Stan

New South Wales residents encounter the most issues when streaming videos online (28 per cent), closely followed by Victorians (27 per cent), with South Australians experiencing the least amount of dropouts (21 per cent).

Mr Kidman said dropouts and unreliable streaming are often a result of poor Internet speeds and congestion.

“The impact of many people streaming at once causes significant strain on the available resources and so slows down your Internet connection, leading to buffering or dropouts,” he said.

The survey also found a quarter of those that stream (25 per cent) never encounter issues.

How to speed up your Netflix this silly season:

  1. Free up some bandwidth

If you live in a household of streamers and gamers you’re likely to have experienced issues with your Netflix binge before.

If you can pause all other downloads or disconnect any other devices that aren’t in use but might be drawing on your Internet.

  1. Use a VPN

When you use the words VPN and Netflix in the same sentence it’s become synonymous with illegally streaming content from American Netflix, but you can use a VPN to actually speed up your Internet connection.

The reason for regular Netflix or Stan dropouts might be due to an overworked server, by using a VPN you access Australian Netflix through an alternative server.

If you still find your speeds slow you can simply turn your VPN off.

  1. Check your speed

Netflix has recommendations for the basic speeds you’ll need for each package.

If you’re streaming in HD you need to make sure your current broadband plan is fast enough to handle it.

If you find your speeds are marginally slower than what your streaming service requires it’s a good idea to reevaluate your NBN plan and potential upgrade to a higher speed tier.

  1. Check your hardware

Cheap and faulty equipment is often a key cause of slower Internet speeds.

Make sure you purchase your devices from a reputable source to avoid it breaking or becoming the cause of your Internet issues in the future.

You can do this by checking the Internet connection on different devices in your household, from your phone to your laptop.

If you find the speeds consistently slow across all platforms there’s probably a bigger issue at hand and you’ll want to your modem and/or Internet speeds.