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‘Traces Of Pesticides’ Found In Study Of World Honey Supplies

There are increasing concerns

‘Traces Of Pesticides’ Found In Study Of World Honey Supplies Image: Pixabay

Researchers have found that three quarters of honey samples tested from across the world all contained traces of at least one form of pesticide.

In a study published in the journal Science, 198 samples of honey from every continent bar Antarctica were used, with Swiss scientists detecting five common neonicotinoid pesticides used often in agriculture, the ABC reports.

"There are increasing concerns about the impact of these systemic pesticides [on] honey bees and wild bees," they wrote.

“[The] average concentration [found in the honey] lies within the bioactive range, causing deficits in learning, behaviour, and colony performance."

Samples from North America, Asia and Europe contained the highest level of pesticides.

While contamination levels were “below the maximum-residue level authorised for human consumption” as recommended by the EU, the presence of pesticides could target the nervous system alongside harming bees and other pollinators.