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Top Ten LEAST Full Countries In The World

We don't seem *that* full

Top Ten LEAST Full Countries In The World

According to a new survey conducted by The Australian Population Research Institute, the majority of Australians think Australia doesn't need more people.

Australia's population grew by 384,000 people in the 12 months to March this year, and 60 per cent of that was from overseas migration. 

54 per cent of Australians wanted a cut to migration according to the survey's results, with half of the respondents claiming the country had changed so much that it sometimes felt foreign.

The most telling result from the survey was that 74 per cent of Australians think that Australia is "full" and doesn't need any more people.

In context, Australia is the sixth largest country by landmass, but we're ranked only 53rd in the world by population, with almost 24.5million people calling Australia home.

Combine those two statistics together, and Australia is actually one of the least dense, or, least "full" countries in the world.

In fact, Australia is the sixth least dense countries in the world, with only Namibia, French Guiana, Mongolia, Falkland Islands and Greenland having less people reside in their country per square kilometre.

To add context; Macau, Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong were the most dense countries in the world, with an incredible 541,000 people crammed into Macau's 29 square kilometres of landmass. 

Top Ten Least Full Countries In The World:

10. Botswana

9. Mauritania 

8. Suriname

7. Iceland

6. Australia

5. Namibia

4. French Guiana

3. Mongolia

2. Falkland Islands

1. Greenland