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Tony Abbott Admits He Was Too Sloshed To Vote


Tony Abbott Admits He Was Too Sloshed To Vote Luke Taylor - Twitter

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has admitted that he missed the crucial Global Financial Crisis bail-out vote in 2009 because he was passed out, drunk.

Speaking on ABC's The House with Annabel Crabb, Mr Abbott said that he, Peter Costello and Kevin Andrews had downed "quite a few bottles of wine", before Mr Abbott fell asleep on the couch in his office - completely missing the vote.

This was during Kevin Rudd's first spell as PM, and Mr Abbott has repeatedly denied the incident for years.

“The impact was rather greater than it should have been," Mr Abbott said on the program.

“I think I famously slept through several divisions.

“It was a late night sitting, against all OH&S rules as you can imagine.

“I lay down, and the next thing I knew it was morning.”