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Today Is National Nightmare Commute Day

No We're Not Kidding

Today Is National Nightmare Commute Day

Struggling on your commute to work or school this morning? You are not alone!
You're just one of millions of other Aussies stuck in traffic jams, blowing away hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year.

Today has been declared 'National Nightmare Commute Day', and it comes with it's own hashtag so you can air your frustrations to Canberra.


The latest stats show our fast-growing outer suburbs have accommodated 35% of Australia’s population growth, but only received 13% of infrastructure funding. Those who live in the outer suburbs can spend up to 20 hours a week stuck in traffic, or 800 hours a year. In the end we're spending more on petrol and car repairs, as well as the extra time away from our family.

So with congestion choking our outer suburbs, the focus has shifted to our politicians to see what can be done to make the daily commute easier.

At the rate our cities are growing new investments in infrastructure need to be put in place fast.

Research undertaken by the National Growth Areas Alliance has shown there is a $50 billion backlog in roads, rail and health facilities in fast-growing outer suburbs.

There's no denying we need to get our cities moving, so getting onboard the #nightmarecommute to get your travel concerns heard.