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Three More Ways You Can Help Make Earth Hour Everything It's Trying To Be

Saturday March 24

Three More Ways You Can Help Make Earth Hour Everything It's Trying To Be Earth Hour Website

Tomorrow, March 24, is Earth Hour day, where anyone and everyone around the world is encouraged to switch off all the lights in the house between 8.30 and 9.30pm.

It's a symbolic gesture that shows the need for stronger climate action, that started right here in Australia back in 2007.

Ahead of tomorrow's big hour, the people behind Alternative Meat Co. have revealed three 'baby steps' that will also help the cause - in addition to switching off the lights for Earth Hour.

Here they are

1. Eat Less Meat

They say:

Cutting back on meat consumption is a great way to do your part when it comes to working towards the common goal of saving the planet.

We know that Australian’s have a love affair with a summer BBQ session or a good steak for a meal, which is why it may surprise you that Aussie’s are trying to eat less meat! For those who can’t quite commit to cutting out meat entirely out of their diet, going meat-free for one day each week is one of the more popular ways people are cutting back on their meat consumption. According to research by the Alternative Meat Co., just over half (54%) of Australians were opting out on a weekly basis. Interestingly, Fridays are the most popular day with nearly a quarter (24%) skipping meat entirely on the day.

Adopting a “flexitarian” lifestyle can be a simple way to get amongst the less-meat movement and trying to do one meat-less day a week is a great start.

2. Upcycle, Recycle And Stay Thrifty

They say:

Minimising the volume of discarded materials and junk benefits the environment and can be done with recycling and upcycling. We’re all familiar with recycling (remember to separate your plastics, paper, metal and glass!) and with upcycling is all about refashioning or converting “trash” to “treasure” and giving an old or discarded item a better use.

Mixing up your wardrobe from fast fashion and exploring thrift shops is a great way to pop some tags with $20 in your pocket and make the most of pre-loved items that still have some wear in them.

Think: less garbage and more sustainable choices.

3. All About The Walk

They say:

If you’re big on using your car, for trips you know are going to be less than 2km, walking, biking or even jumping on public transport is another baby step you can take daily to help do your part.

Commuting by foot has so many benefits for the environment as it reduces in air pollution, carbon footprint, and gasoline usage. Walking daily is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and also benefits the environment. So ban yourself from Ubering around the block, dust off your fitness tracker and get those daily 10,000 steps in.


Written by: @dantheinternut