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The Girl From The Trivago Commercials Has Been Tracked Down

She's based in Berlin

The Girl From The Trivago Commercials Has Been Tracked Down

Image: YouTube

You know the woman from the Trivago commercials?

Well, the mystery identity of the friendly Australian woman from the trusty travel website has been tracked down.

Her name is Gabrielle Miller, and she told she was invited for the commercials while travelling in Greece.

"We were camping on a nudist beach on the island of Crete. The request was to dress as a Hollywood star, casual but fashionable, and to imagine that I was in an animated studio preferably against a white background," she said.

"Of course I had none of the above therefore I had to be resourceful, so I wedged the camera between two rocks, wiped the zinc off my face and filmed a rough version of the script while trying to avoid too many bare bottoms in the background!"


Born in Coffs Harbour on the NSW coast, the presenter says she spent most of her childhood travelling across rural and regional Northern Australia, as her radiographer parents screened women for breast cancer.

Ms Miller told she was currently based in Germany, and had been performing as an actress, cabaret artist and director for the best part of 10 years.

“I’m based in Berlin but my nomadic life has continued and I spend a lot of the year touring with my band or working abroa," she said.

"I come home often to see family and friends."

Gabrielle says she once auditioned for Home & Away, and has already filmed over 20 Trivago adverts in both Melbourne and Berlin.

The catchy travel commercials have also been aired in the UK, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa.