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Text Alert System For Terror Attacks

Federal government initiative

Text Alert System For Terror Attacks

In the wake of recent terror events worldwide, Australians in the vicinity of a terror attack will now receive a security alert under a new national plan.

The Turnbull Government has proposed the initiative, which is similar to the current system for fires and floods.

This would see recorded warning messages sent to landlines for a certain address, and text messages to mobiles.

State and territory leaders agreed with the proposal, and Mr Turnbull has said that there was a lot of support for the commitment to keep Australia safe.

“We are here assembled, the leaders of Australia’s governments, with a common determination to ensure that our laws are up to date, that our police and security agencies have the resources they need to defend our values and keep our people safe in the face of those who seek to do us harm,” Mr Turnbull said.

“We have agreed to expand the use of the existing emergency alert system which is used for natural disasters to national security incidents.

“That is a good example of chief ministers and premiers focusing on the tools we have, seeing what is working and seeing how we can apply them, enhance them to do more to keep us safe.”