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Students Dig In Their Heels Over Tough School Rules

Get Out Your Rulers

Students Dig In Their Heels Over Tough School Rules

A tough new uniform policy at a Queensland high school has caught out more than 100 students this week, and they call copped detention for wearing the wrong shoes.

The rules changed at The Gap State High at the start of 2018, forcing students to wear shoes with a very specific heel height. They must be no higher than 20mm and no lower than 5mm, and the school shoes must be black leather lace-ups.

It's believed the teachers got strict this week and started handing out detentions, although there are conflicting reports on how many. Some reports say more than 400 kids have missed out on their lunch break, while the school says it's specifically 103.

Naturally, the new uniform policy has angered parents who say they cannot afford to throw out perfectly good school shoes which were acceptable last year.

One person on Twitter even suggests the school might be trying to drum up business for a local retailer. Is this all a conspiracy?


The school has told any parents with an issue to attend a meeting on February 12th to voice their concerns about the uniform policy.