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Stop Buying $4 Coffee Bloke Up $13 Mill In Latest Rich List

That's a lot of smashed avo

Stop Buying $4 Coffee Bloke Up $13 Mill In Latest Rich List

The property tycoon who infamously told Gen Y to stop buying coffee to own a house, Tim Gurner, has gone up another $13 Million in the latest Fin Review rich list.

Despite the big jump in cash, he's actually fallen 15 places.

Don't think he'll mind too much though, with the latest list putting his value at a whopping $473 Million.

Gurner, 35, is now sitting in 141st place, with comments about coffee and smashed avo seemingly doing his business no harm.

He came under fire for the comments, when it came out he actually pocketed a cheeky $34, 000 from his grandpa to kick-start a renovation project.

In terms of the rest of the rich list it makes for some pretty crazy reading...

Anthony Pratt, the boss of Visy, is now number one at $12.59 Billion, yeah billion with a 'b' (meantime most of us are busy weighing up if we should spend the extra for a pint)

While mining magnate Gina Rinahart, is still sitting pretty in third, despite a drop in her enormous amount of cash, she's sitting at $10.40 Billion.