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Spot The Problem: Aussie Cops Accused Of "Deception" Over Car Detail

Sneaky or inspired?

Spot The Problem: Aussie Cops Accused Of "Deception" Over Car Detail Reddit

Queensland cops have been accused of "deception" after a photo of a very undercover unmarked police car was uploaded to Reddit.

The snap, of a Hyundai i40 with "My Family" stickers on the back window, sparked a debate as to whether the move was sneaky or inspired.

"Having an unmarked car is fine," one user wrote. "But this crosses the line into deliberate deception. They lose trust when they effectively lie."

A second follower agreed, adding: "Baiting people into doing stupid sh*t and bookin' 'em, revenue raising at it's finest.

"You know what stops people driving like idiots? Marked cars. If they just made an effort to get more marked patrol cars moving around in traffic, you'd catch the actual d*ckheads and ensure everyone else is being good."

But a lot of commenters didn't see the issue; as one pointed out, "people shouldn't be breaking the law anyway so there's no reason for a debate."

"I'm all for the police doing whatever they need to do, to stop idiots endangering the lives of others," another wrote.