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Some Suburbs Fail To Deliver On High Speed Downloads

Victoria Fared The Worst

Some Suburbs Fail To Deliver On High Speed Downloads

Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson

Working from home may sound like a dream but it isn't a reality for everyone.

Victoria fared the worst in a study, which put seven suburbs in their list of top 15 worst places to get good coverage and solid internet speeds.

New South Wales hasn't fared too well when it comes to NBN connection either, putting services like streaming, firmly out of reach.

Five NSW suburbs appear in the top 15 worst connected places to live.  

Kholo, located about 22 kays outside of Brisbane, is ranked third worst.

South Australia fared better, with three areas making it into the top 15 offering the best coverage.

Best broadband hot spots were identified by how many homes in one suburb had the fastest NBN connections, as fibre-to-the-premise connections were capable of delivering 1000 megabit-per-second downloads.

By contrast, the worst suburbs had the most homes with satellite NBN connections despite their proximity to capital cities and could only receive the minimum speed guarantee of 25 megabits per second.