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Some Legend Tried To Name Their Kid "Triple M" Last Year

Yes, really

Some Legend Tried To Name Their Kid "Triple M" Last Year Getty

New Zealand's Internal Affairs have released the list of baby names they rejected in 2017 and there's one particular name we're sad to see go.

Amid the 35 names that failed to meet criteria set out by the government - including the proposed monikers "/" and "X" - was none other than "Triple M", a title that was unfortunately rebuffed before it could be made official.

Baby names in New Zealand must, by law, not be offensive to others, cannot be unreasonably long and must not include or resemble an official title or rank.

Which explains why "Chief", "Ida-Qween" and "Legion-King" didn't make the cut but "Triple M"? We're still stumped.

"Less than one per cent of babies have their proposed name considered, but the name of any baby born and registered in New Zealand must comply with New Zealand's rules, regardless of the nationality of the parents," Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages Jeff Montgomery explained to the New Zealand Herald.

Here's the full list of banned names:

• . 
• /
• Chief
• Duke
• Ida-Qween
• II
• IV
• Jahstice
• Judge
• Justice
• Justyce
• Justyce-Krimson
• King
• Lady
• Legion-King
• Majesty
• Major
• Messiah
• Miss
• Priince
• Prince
• Prince-Pahata
• Prynce
• Regal
• Rogue
• Royaale
• Royal
• Royale-Lee
• Royall
• Royalty
• Saint
• Sovereign
• Triple M
• X