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Social Media Used As A Tool By Violent Crims

Reminder to check privacy settings

Social Media Used As A Tool By Violent Crims

If you ever needed a reason to ensure your social media settings are private, here's one from Queensland Police... 

They say sites like Facebook and Tinder are increasingly coming up in the investigations of violent crimes including murders, rapes and assaults.  The platforms were mentioned in at least 20 cases last year.

The sites make it easier for attackers to locate potential victims and track their movements, or to "groom" a potential victim.

On one case a person was charged with conspiracy to commit murder after allegedly using Facebook to track the victim's specific day-to-day movements.  Police caught the alleged offender with photos of the person's home and work, according to documents released to the Courier Mail under Right to Information.

It's worth noting that the "default" settings for most platforms are public, so you need to make a point of checking them and making them private yourself.