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Smart Phones Are Ruining The Sleeping Habits Of Teens

‘It's a very suspicious pattern.’

Smart Phones Are Ruining The Sleeping Habits Of Teens Image: Pexels

Smart phones and tablet usage are having a massive impact on the chances of teenagers getting a decent night’s sleep, according to newly published research..

While adolescents need around 9.3 hours of rest each night, San Diego State University researchers found one in four teens in 2015 only slept for seven hours a night – and technology is a big culprit, AAP reports.

“Given the importance of sleep for both physical and mental health, both teens and adults should consider whether their smartphone use is interfering with their sleep,” said lead professor Jean Twenge.

“It's particularly important not to use screen devices right before bed, as they might interfere with falling asleep.”

With some 360,000 taking part in the study, professor Twenge said this number was up 58 per cent more in 1991, and 17 per cent more in 2009.

She added teenagers who spent five hours online each day were also 50 per cent more likely to not get enough shut eye compared to teens who only dedicated an hour online each day.

“Teens' sleep began to shorten just as the majority started using smartphones,” she said.

“It's a very suspicious pattern.”