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Shocking Number Of Preschoolers Own A Smartphone​

One in three has a phone or tablet!

Shocking Number Of Preschoolers Own A Smartphone​

New figures show our technology obsession is starting at a shockingly young age.

According to the latest Australian Child Health Poll conducted by the Royal Children's Hospital, a staggering one in three preschool-aged children own a tablet or smartphone.

The latest national screentime guidelines (2014) say that "children younger than 2 years of age should not spend any time watching television or using other electronic media."

This includes DVDs, computers and electronic games.

HOOKED: staggering statistics from the latest Australian Child Health Poll

On top of this, two in three primary school aged-kid also own a device, while 75 percent teens and 20 percent of primary school pupils have their own social media account.

The statistics are particularly concerning when considering the prevalence of cyber bullying in Australia, with the Institute of Family Studies estimating that around 10 to 20 percent of young people have been harassed online.

Nearly half of children and teenagers are also using their devices at bedtime, which Director of the Australian Child Health Poll, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes says can be hugely detrimental to health and education.

“One in four children report associated sleep problems [when using devices before bed]," she said. "It’s best to have no screen-time an hour before bed and keep screens out of the bedroom, to ensure a better quality of sleep."

Researchers also expressed concern over findings which show half of toddlers or preschoolers aren't being supervised when using a device.