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Schapelle Corby Will Be Back In Australia

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Schapelle Corby Will Be Back In Australia

Schapelle Corby will soon return to Australian soil after spending 13 years in Bali.

Schapelle is due to be deported back to Australia on May 27. She will make one final visit to the parole office before being escorted to the airport. 

"Last time she came for a report she said she wants to go home of course," her parole officer Ketut Sukiati told Fairfax.

"She looked normal when she said it, not too excited or anything. She was relaxed whenever she had to come in and report if there were no media. If she saw a journalist, she changed. If there was no one she was friendly, fine, she will greet everybody, smile, she will say good morning to every staff member. But if there is media around, her face changed, she closed off."

Schapelle spent nine years in Kerobokan jail after being arrested for smuggling cannabis into Bali in her boogie board bag. She has been living in Kuta on parole since February 2014.