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Rusty The Terrier Has Scored A Free Ride Home From SA To QLD

Never leaving the dog house again

Rusty The Terrier Has Scored A Free Ride Home From SA To QLD Image: Seven News/Twitter

A hitch-hiking Australian terrier who travelled 1500km across the country is getting a free lift home.

Rusty will be reunited with his human family in Goondiwindi, a town in regional Queensland, after a generous pet removalist agreed to make the journey at no cost, ABC reports.

"We're very excited to have him back," Rusty's owner Stuart Scudamore said.

"I mean he's a special little dog and he's very dear to our family but he's still a naughty little bugger,"

After the adventurous dog went missing earlier this month, his owners received an expected phone call a week later from Snowtown in South Australia, to say that truck driver Paul McDowell had found Rusty hiding in the truck's cabin.


It prompted Rusty's owner Laura Scudamore put a call out on Facebook for some help with getting the cheeky little guy home.

"Whilst Snowtown, SA is lovely this time of year, I really must be getting home to my family. I was wondering if anyone knew of a lift getting close to either of these places," she wrote on Facebook.