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Ruh Roh: Sydney Mum Accidentally Feeds Her Kids Dog Treats

Reckons labelling wasn't clear

Ruh Roh: Sydney Mum Accidentally Feeds Her Kids Dog Treats Pic: Facebook

A Sydney mum has had a go at Woolworths after accidentally feeding her kids dog food, thinking they were choc chip biscuits.

Tania Toomey took to Facebook to show others the pack of 'Scooby Snacks' she purchased, not realising they were meant for pooches, not people.

"I bought these in the biscuit isle next to the tiny teddies at Woolworths on Concord Rd, North Strathfield. Put in lunch boxes and "Kids came home and said yuck they are disgusting"," she said in the post.

"On closer inspection they are DOG treats. It does say that it is pet food only - human friendly but not recommended! many other families have been sucked in."

Pic: Woolworths 

Thousands of people replied to the post, many agreeing the packaging looked like it was targeting kids, other pointing out the packet clearly says "pet food only" and is designed to support "skin and coat health".

Woolworths has insisted the treats are stocked in the pet section, but it doesn't seem this is the first time a customer has been tripped up by the tricky treat.