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Three quick ways to protect yourself from global cyber attack

Tech expert advice

Three quick ways to protect yourself from global cyber attack

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Cyber security experts are expecting a flood of Aussie businesses to discover they're apart of the global cyber attack, which has sent hundreds of thousands of computers systems around the world into meltdown. 

The ransomware has wormed its way onto at least three systems in Australia already. 

Tech expert Lior Rauchberger says the criminals target people ho have outdated versions of Windows or security software.

"Most people are not running, and yet they should be running, up to date security software on their computer. Some let it lapse after a year and they don't renew them."

We spoke to Lior, and fellow techspert Trevor Long, about how we can protect ourselves. 

Here's the rundown: 


"They find some key files on the computer that you want access to and they encrypt them and lock them and say 'unless you give us money, you're not getting these files back' and they might be really important files"

"Grab an external hard drive, back up all your important files from your computer and if these guys do get into your computer [at least] you've got these files backed up somewhere and you can get access to them."


This one is particularly important for businesses. While there are plenty of mums & dads caught up in the attack, Trevor says they're not the biggest worry - 

"It's a little bit less risky for you and I to lose access to our computer cos we'll just wipe it and start again, but a business losing access to their computer.. their files, their back ups, their accounting software.. is hugely crippling."

"I would be very worried if I was a major executive of a company that was running computers that haven't been updated."


"Don't click that link is the most important thing," says Trevor.

"That link could be anything from an email that looks like it's from the bank, looks like it's from Australia Post or any organisation. If you click a link in an email that's when you come unstuck,"

"If you think you need to click that link, go to their website first and then log in. The link is the killer. It's not the bank, it's not Australia Post, it's the link that infects you."