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Prison Guard Calls Cassie Sainsbury A Liar

"She's Bullying Another Prisoner"

Prison Guard Calls Cassie Sainsbury A Liar

(image: Seb Costello, Channel 9)

Accused Aussie drug-smuggler Cassie Sainsbury, hauled up in a Colombian jail has been called a liar by a prison guard.

She's spoken to Channel 9 reporter Seb Costello saying the 22 year old likes the attention and is leaking untrue information to the media like not having access to doctors and food.

"That's a lie, every prisoner gets checked out for their health, she has access to private doctors too if she wants" the guard who's been working there for 6 years said.

"Cassie likes attention and she knows how to get it".

The Adelaide girl claims to be copping abuse inside the prison and has made a complaint about another inmate taking her photo.

But again, the guard is critical - "she's bullying another prisoner for taking a picture of her but we believe she wanted the picture taken".

Cassie's still waiting for a reunion with her fiance in Bogota after he was turned away yesterday with incomplete paperwork.

Her mother and sister have been seen calling out to Cassie from outside the prison walls.

Their visit could happen as early as today but may be a hostile one.

Cassie's expressed her disappointment that they've accepted a big money deal for a tell-all with Channel 9.

It's just over a month since Cassie was detained after being found with almost 6 kgs of cocaine in her suitcase at Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport.