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Police Slam Lindt Siege Inquest As A Witch Hunt

"Man Monis is to blame!"

Police Slam Lindt Siege Inquest As A Witch Hunt

The NSW Police Association has taken a pre-emptive strike two days before the findings of the Lindt Siege inquest are released.

They've labelled the inquiry as a 'witch hunt' targeting the officers involved instead of focusing attention on Director of Public Prosecution lawyers who allegedly failed to appeal the bail of gunman Man Monis prior to the siege.

Acting Association President Tony King says police thought they were going to die.

"The public needs to remember there is one person to blame for these tragedies. Man Monis was out on bail despite serious charges. He was armed with a shot gun and he was believed to be armed with a bomb."

"Our members entered the building believing they would not be coming out, they'd said good-bye to their loved ones. I'm proud of every one of them and the public should be too."

Mr King is today expected to email his attack on the inquest to his 17,000 members.

As for the families of victims Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson, they've spoken for the first time about the police tactics used during the siege.

They're fuming at hearing during the inquest that police were only planning to enter the cafe once Man Monis had seriously injured or killed a hostage.