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Pauline Hanson's Planning Her Own Craft Brew

Beer & chats plan to attract votes

Pauline Hanson's Planning Her Own Craft Brew

Pic: Getty Images

From fish & chip shop owner, to politician, to brewer?

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is reportedly looking to launch her own craft beer brand, as a way to better connect with Aussie voters. 

The Queenslander apparently came up with the idea while thinking about how much she loves sharing a brewski and talking politics with everyday Australians. She's been very quiet on details but is reportedly keen to speak with a few Aussie craft breweries about a start-up. 

The party's popularity has been going from strength to strength, in Queensland Hanson's primary vote jumped from 5% at last year's election to 18% in February 2017.

The 'brew news' is one of the less controversial Hanson headlines floating around at the moment.. 

She left health experts fuming after some comments about child vaccinations, labelling the government's 'No Jab No Pay' policy as "blackmail", urging parents to do their own research before deciding whether to immunise children. Hanson also came out in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, praising him as patriotic, well-liked and an example of the strong leadership many voters want to see from their politicians.