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Pauline Hanson Slammed for Disabled Students Proposal

Her comments sparked outage

Pauline Hanson Slammed for Disabled Students Proposal

Image: Nine News

Pauline Hanson has been slammed for suggesting autistic students should be separated in Australian classrooms to stop holding back other kids.

The One Nation leader today made the controversial comments during a parliamentary debate on the federal government's proposed schools overhaul, AAP reports.

Addressing the Senate, Ms Hanson said disabled and autistic kids would receive appropriate attention from teachers by separating them into separate classrooms.

"If it was one of my children I would love all the time given to them to give them those opportunities - but is it at the loss of our other kids?" she said.

"It's no good saying 'We've got to allow these kids to feel good about themselves and we don't want to upset them and make them feel hurt', and I understand that.

"But we have to be realistic at times and consider the impact that is having on other children in that classroom."

Senator Hanson added Australia “could not afford” to hold kids back as students in other countries overtake them in the rankings.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten condemned the comments on Twitter as “heartbreaking” and “upsetting”.


Autism Awareness Australia has slammed Senator Hanson's comments as "appalling, archaic and cruel".


Chief executive Nicole Rogerson described Senator Hanson as a "truly deplorable woman".