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Outbreak Of The Plague Sparks Concern

Resurgence of the Black Death

Outbreak Of The Plague Sparks Concern

The Black Death killed approximately 25 million people in Medieval Europe, and now it appears as though the Plague is making a resurgence.

According to, warnings have been issued to nine countries in south-east Africa this week following an outbreak of the plague.

At least 1300 people have been infected from the recent outbreak, which is believed to have started in Madagascar.

So far, 124 people have died. 

The plague is a bacterial infection that is usually transmitted by fleas. It can be treated with antibiotics.

The World Health Organisation reports on its website that 600 cases are reported annually in Madagascar, however there is 'something different' about this latest outbreak.

“Plague is a disease of poverty, because it thrives in places with poor sanitary conditions and health services,” said Dr Arthur Rakotonjanabelo.

However, the places in which there have been recent outbreaks have not previously linked to the Black Death.