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Optus Confirm Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down

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Optus Confirm Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down

Optus has officially confirmed that Virgin Mobile is being phased out, with the provider to be closed over the next two years.

This comes after 18 years of co-ownership.

The shutting down will mean that 36 Virgin Mobile stores will be closed, while 200 jobs with the Virgin brand will go.

It is not clear whether these staff will be given other roles in the Optus brand.

People currently contracted to Virgin Mobile will be moved over to Optus.

However, if they do not want to be an Optus customer, there will be the opportunity to move to another provider.

Virgin Mobile customers can continue to use their service in the same way they always have. We will be contacting them in the coming days to let them know more about the changes and their future options,

- Optus statement