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NSW MP Involved In Extortion Attempt After Ordering Hotel Massage

“They became aggressive demanding money”

NSW MP Involved In Extortion Attempt After Ordering Hotel Massage @Marcdawson - Twitter

It has been revealed that NSW MP Gareth Ward has been targeted in a scam overseas after ordering a massage at his hotel.

According to the ABC, Mr Ward ordered a “normal, standard massage” on an online website when two men knocked on his door and began filming on their mobile phone.

“They said to me, ‘We’re under age, we’ll put this on the internet unless you give us money’,” Mr Ward told the ABC.

“I said, ‘I didn’t order this, get out of my room, I want you to leave, I don’t have any cash’.”

Mr Ward has denied claims that he ordered a “special massage”, and said that he told the men to accompany him to an ATM in order to get them out of the hotel room. Mr Ward then approached the reception desk at the hotel and advised them to call the police.

The incident occurred at 10.30pm on Tuesday.

In a statement provided to Triple M, Mr Ward said that it was a frightening ordeal.

“I asked for a massage – but when it became clear that more was on offer, I asked them to leave and then they became aggressive demanding money,” Mr Ward said in the statement.

“I reported the matter to Police and the matter is subject to investigation.

“The ordeal was frightening.”

Mr Ward is the Liberal member for Kiama, the parliamentary secretary for Illawarra and the South Coast, and the parliamentary secretary for education.