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NSW Government To Restrict Vegemite Consumption In Schools

As part of a healthy canteen...

NSW Government To Restrict Vegemite Consumption In Schools

New South Wales schools are currently being urged to restrict unhealthy foods from the canteen and the iconic Australian spread Vegemite is one of the many foods on the chopping block.

The NSW Government has released a list of foods that they believe schools should ban to provide a healthier diet for students.

The list includes butter, hundreds and thousands, sweet biscuits, salt, Nutella, icing and chocolate chips as well as a variety of other ingredients usually used in canteen snacks.

According to The Daily Telegraph, schools have been told that vegemite can only be used in "small amounts" whilst canteen favourites such as pies, sausage rolls and schnitzels should become "occasional" treats on the menu.

Canteens have also been advised to stop selling soft drinks and instead sell water and flavoured milk as its only sugary beverage.

The Education Department has advised canteens that they replace these foods with treats such as rice paper rolls, vegetable soup and hummus.

The new menu has been proposed to help reduce the risk of childhood obesity by five per cent by 2025.

Education Minister Rob Stokes has backed the proposal by saying "we can't teach good ­nutrition in the classroom and then sell rubbish in the playground".

However, Liberal MP Peter Phelps has slammed the decision saying that it will just further NSW reputation as the "nanny state".