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Not Surprisingly, The Latest Spring Lamb Ad Is Raising A Few Eyebrows

Will it get the chop?

Not Surprisingly, The Latest Spring Lamb Ad Is Raising A Few Eyebrows MLA

The yearly Aussie spring lamb ad is known for being a little controversial, and this year's offering is no exception.

The Meat and Livestock Australia campaign shows a group of religious figures and prophets, including Jesus, Zeus, Lord Ganesha and Aphrodite, gathering for a traditional Aussie backyard lunch and tucking into some lamb chops.

The advert is supposedly promoting lamb as the food of all religions, or the "meat we can all eat", as it says in the clip.

The only problem though - Hindu deity Lord Ganesha is depicted as a meat eater despite being considered a vegetarian. Some members of the Australian Indian community have since called for the ad to be taken off the air and have referred the clip to the Australian Standards Bureau.

MLA has responded, in a statement marketing manager Andrew Howie said the campaign promoted "unity and inclusivity."

"Our intent was never to offend, but rather acknowledge that lamb is a meat consumed by a wide variety of cultures and capture how the would could look if people left their different views at the door and came to the table with open arms, and minds."

Last year's ad was also referred to the Standards Bureau, with claims it discriminated against vegans.